The Whisky Blues, No.013, Jamaican Rum JMH, 1992/2021 29yo, Barrel, 57.7%



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The Whisky Blues, No.013, Jamaican Rum JMH, 1992/2021 29yo, Barrel, 253 Btls, 57.7%

Little Daisy Label Series 3 of 3
"This is a 29yo Jamaican Rum! And furthermore, it's a secret Hxxpxxx!
This is one with the “JMH” mark with moderate 500~600 esters level, and of course full of powerful esters and fruity"

Aroma: The first part is bright and unrestrained banana water, sugarcane herb sweetness, honey syrup, slight solvent smell, citrus, plum and slightly candied salty sweetness. In the middle part, you can feel more distinctive sugarcane, hay and rubber, followed by honey. Nectar, olives, chocolate, roasted almonds, nuts and licorice, the back part is cardamom, mint and spices.

Leave it for 15 minutes, the aroma maintains a sweet and mellow feeling. The front section continues to emit banana, sweet orange, plum, slightly solvent aroma and candied salty sweet aroma. In the middle section, in addition to the aromas of sugar cane and hay, the aromas of chocolate, nuts and walnuts become brighter, there is a pleasant sweetness of honey, and the latter part is made of olives mixed with mint and spices.

Mouthfeel: Medium smooth mouthfeel. On the palate, there is banana water, slight solvent, citrus, pineapple, apricot, dried fruit, caramel, honey, chocolate, coffee, herbal bitter aroma, slightly woody, anise, mint and spices.

Finish: Medium rich. Bananas, citrus, pineapples, sourness, sugar cane, hay, chocolate, nuts, cardamom, mint and subtle spices, followed by salty and sweet aroma of candied fruit and the sweet aroma of banana water and sugar cane herbs in the mouth.

Add three drops of water: the aroma presents a soft sweetness, banana, sweet orange, plum, sugar cane, hay, honey syrup, nectar, light rouge, cardamom, mint and spices. The taste is round and smooth, and the sweetness is more distinct. First, banana water, candied sweetness, citrus, pineapple, fruit sourness, salted caramel, cocoa, nuts, woods and spices. The taste reaches a good balance of sweet and sour!